Think of David Brent in fantasy, Don Quixote with dragons, Basil Fawlty with armor, Jessie the Body Ventura without the skill (or the body)... and you get: Gareus! 

A man of little skill, knowledge, wisdom, or courage, he nevertheless proclaims his prowess across the land of Fintrasia leaving a swath of disgruntled and bewildered citizenry behind.

Whilst Gareus may be completely oblivious to his blowhardiness, a legend in his own mind, there are real dangers lurking in the world and when he stumbles across them he is often saved by his loyal (and insane) follower Dave. Dave worships the ground Gareus walks on even more than Gareus himself - which is quite a feat - but he is a true believer in his hero, the man, the myth: The Legend of Gareus.

Oh and there is some worship of Eels and a fascination with wicker baskets (that may or may not be sexual in nature) but we will get to all that in good time...

There also may be a hint of satire and the cautionary notes of fame sought for its own sake but… don't forget there are cool swords, dragons, and other stuff too.



Shaun Garea - I write, draw, ink, colour, and letter all the T-LOG work but will be delegating some out over time hopefully so I don't kill myself at the altar of my own alter ego! I have worked in film for years with work supported by Oscar and Palm'd Or winner Jane Campion, Bill Gould from bands Faith No More, Brujeria, and Talking Book, plus my work has featured talented actors such as Dwayne Cameron (#211, The Tribe) and Stig Eldred (Dick Tracey, King Kong). Getting things made in film I must say is frustrating work, mainly I find because you need to rely on many people and situations to get a project done. This led me to look to comic work where all I really need is myself. I don't need funding. I don't need proposals. I don't need festival acceptances; and I only have to count on one person (unfortunately that person is me)! Oh and comics don't cost thousands of dollars all the time... did I mention making comics is cheaper?

I also have a feature on The Weekly Spoon where I review classic comic works HERE, and have some academic writing published looking at video game violence. You know, grown up stuff.

Alex McMahon - Alex is the DM for our Advanced Fighting Fantasy role play. It is here Gareus really got formed in the fantasy context (We are not counting 'Gareus of The Wicker' from Skyrim... perhaps I shall make a post about him another time). In playing AFF we came across Dave who is now an integral part of the comic. Dave and his interactions with Gareus led to the character essentially as we see him here. Alex is currently working on the RPG video game 'Bale' (look out for Gareus...) and will hopefully be contributing stories for a few short adventures here as we progress.

You may also find Gareus featured in other webcomic stories such as with Realm of Owls, NoExp and Kickman! Working with other creators is fantastic fun so it’s great to see that Gareus gets around, you know, like a virus.


You can find The Legend of Gareus currently here on www.TheLegendofGareus.com at our facebook: www.Facebook/TheLegendofGareus.

Gareus is in print!!! Several Gareus stories have featured in the annual comics Anthology Funtime (issues 30, 31, and 32).There are also plans for full Gareus choc-a-block editions in the future too so watch this space.

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