T-LOG 2 - The Legend Evolves...

...like Bacteria (Gareus' Message Spreads)

Dave was developed in the roleplay game Advanced Fighting Fantasy (AFF). Our DM, Alex McMahon, named this poor soul who had been the victim of years of torture before. Gareus quickly inserted himself into the situation, planted seeds of doubt about the only friend Dave had left (the other torture victim in the cells) and took advantage of this mans confused and battered mental state proclaiming himself as savior, protector and only person Dave could trust. From there they got on peachy.

Dave, originally wandering around naked (wait for it, there will be a prologue comic) was then gifted clothes by Gareus and also instilled as the High Priest of Eels (yes we will get into that more too!) and Pontiff of the Great and Glorious G (See below).

The releationship that blossemed between Dave and Gareus and the easy back and forth between Alex and I in story exploration led to our dubious duo making a break for it with their own comic.

As mentioned above there is still much of the character to explore (and explain), but all in good time.