T-LOG 01 - The Legend Begins

Gareus 1.0. at this stage HIS 'snark' and 'DOLTISHness' wasn't SHINING THROUGH just yet

It all began with this ↑↑↑

And in the Beginning Gareus said 'Let there be... songs of Gareus!'

Gareus is someone I have had with me for a loooooong time. He is the amplification of all my worst traits, he is the 'WWE' star to my real self. Initially Gareus came out in games and competition, in bragging, and in just being silly, but as my understanding of the G-Man grew I realized I really wanted to make him center stage in a world that really doesn't want him there. I wanted a David Brent with Dragons, an Arnold Rimmer with swords, but I wanted him, against all odds, to succeed! 

So, I went back to that image and spent some time coloring it (I must confess I was watching 'The Begun of Tigtone' almost on repeat at the time so I think my tone was influenced!!!) just to see if I could, realistically, ink and paint (digitally) this work in a way that might be able to progress further into comic form. That first step is below. So, how did I do?

From Black and WHITE to YELLOW BELLIED. The LEgend begins...