T-LOG 06 - The Legend Finds its Groove

gareus new.png

Move over Stella!

Aaaand BOOM! Another 11 pages published in print, yes in print!

The Legend of Gareus has infested (appropriate choice of words I believe) Funtime Comics again, this time with several stories appearing in the newest issue #31. We were at Armageddon last month hawking off this fabulous publication and I must say that seeing our bumbling hero alongside other fantastic comic work is really quite humbling.

At the convention I was lucky enough to chat with and finger through the original artwork of Paul Jason Young from Gunface who’s work is breathtaking btw. I looked and marveled at the detail, the technique, the forethought… then I remembered how I cobble together this forsaken patchwork at thelegendofgareus.com and felt slightly guilty ;-)

I also got to chat to the kind fellas over at Earths End Publishing, they have put out some excellent books like Moa, From Earths End, and the collection of Ant Sang’s Dharma Punks. Well worth checking out if anyone has an interest in NZ comics. They also have some really cool things coming up too.

Additionally we have seen some wicked looking 3D printed statues of both Gareus and Dave created in the last month. Imagine it, you too can have a coward in your homes! Gareus in 3D - the horror continues…


So as the pages continue to roll by, yes don’t worry I have several more on the way, we near the end of the first chapter of Gareus. This chapter has really just been a foothold finding; what does the comic look like? What is the best way to tell Gareus stories? How annoying is drawing that armour set every-time? (the answer is very), Will I actually stick it out and keep making the comic? Well for the latter anyway the answer is yes, looks like he is here to stay so for better or worse prepare yourself for more.

This chapter has been a smattering of semi connected stories but an attempt to lay the ground work of Gareus.

Going forward, looking at Chapter 2 we may learn a little more about his past, how he came to love baskets, why eels keep popping up in panels and on Dave’s head, and we may just learn how Dave and Gareus first met. #loveatfirstfight

I know that’s all set for the future but in the meantime lets just enjoy the fact that this silly little comic has gotten a rather pleasing response and made it to print, the news, had multiple crossovers, and is worn on (an admittedly low number of) t-shirts, and soon folks will be able to adorn their desks or torture dungeons with lil Gareus and Dave figurines. Who would have thought?

Oh and did I mention that Gareus and Dave will be featuring as side characters in an upcoming RPG for PC? No? OK well just pretend I never mentioned it and just act surprised when the game comes out then.

Just imagine playing alongside Gareus as he insults townsfolk and ruins hard fought quests…

… The Legend of Gareus: Come for the drama, stay for the cringe.

Complaints that my characters are not three-dimensional are over!

Complaints that my characters are not three-dimensional are over!